Lights in the Old Fort!

fter over two years of compulsive planning, development, writing, recording and editing, I am pleased to announce the release of my magnum opus symphonic adventure Lights in the Old Fort has been released into the[…]

My Life Interrupted

The past year marked the beginning of  a profoundly unexpected and contemplative time in my life. It ultimately inspired unimaginable personal development and growth. This has been my year of transformation… xactly one year ago today, I found myself sitting[…]

Pork No More!

Friendship Friday: smile – it’s playtime! 🙂 Posted by Compassion Over Killing on Friday, February 19, 2016 My brother Dan and I had been talking about for this for a while now, but this video was[…]

The Act

This Christmas is different. I am writing this as a different person. This past weekend I was forced to examine who I was and the mechanics that have been running my life. I have been[…]


hen someone offers you a ride in a private helicopter, how does the story not end in a fiery crash? It seems like too perfect a set up. Too much foreshadowing, knowing that the ride[…]